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Global Estate is a participant of the largest summit of Ukrainian developers

Artem Zhebrovsky, Head of Global Estate, took part in the largest real estate developers summit, which was held on November, 22 in Kiev. The organizer of the meeting was the Ukrainian Real Estate Club.

Forum participants and speakers focused on the most pressing issues of the real estate market. The main themes of the event were the foreign investment in Ukrainian real estate market, strategies and mechanisms of investment attraction, legal aspects of the industry, and the impact of macroeconomic and financial factors to this market.

According to experts, the real estate industry in Ukraine is still unattractive to foreign investors due to the high political and currency risks, and the risks of the project itself. Most of the objects are realized due to finansial support of the real estate developers, and in rare cases due to foreign investment or credits. For foreign investors it is easier to get implemented projects, shifting the risks to local developers.

"Despite this disappointing picture all the participants tried to find a positive trend in the market, - said Artem Zhebrovsky. - Although nowadays it is quite difficult to do and participants realized it".

Promising, in terms of investment in Ukraine, will be just quickly pay off projects, retail will remain the leading segment in the industry, and new projects will continue to be implemented, in most cases, with finansial support of builders. These are the main conclusions of UREC Real Estate Summit.